What are the types of credit?

In addition to the card, there are other types of credit for both physical weight and legal weight. This is a format that can be used in more financial life by some people.

I do not enter, be misused, or credit power or reverse effect and bring serious economic consequences.

For example, the payment of high interest, taxes and even with borrowing request to higher cost, removes ‘first debt’.

Of course, it is important to establish four types of credit and use them with education finance. Thus, in the likelihood of acquiring vivid bad, it is diminished in a considerable way.

Before you, or what credit?

Before you, or what credit?

Or credit in a format for acquiring products, goods and / or services that allow or pay two months in a future period.

That is, there is an extension not time to pay off so hard. And I tied it up, to share the full value so that you are parceled and became more accessible.

Meet 6 types of credit:

credit loan

There are various types of credit, and know at the end of each one is essential to learn how to undertake this comfort in a beneficial and financially intelligent way.

In the end, no one wants to get into a ball of snow to pay.

Educational credit

Also condemned as university credit, educational loan or student financing, this is an incentive modality for those who have no opportunity to pay at faculty. Through this credit, it is made possible to take a university. But this is not free acting. In the case of educational credit, after a period agreed upon as a funding agency, it is necessary to remove a living accrual from jurors.

This is why, before acquiring this credit format, it is necessary to endorse this method in order to pay the plots of the university. For more intelligent escort, it is indicated to choose or agree that it has less rate and less total value to be amortized.

Special check

Or special check is a product of borrowed linked to current account of the applicant. Due to high accessibility, it is usually a form of credit that has higher taxes. This automatic loan is granted to a bank or a bankruptcy bank, even if it exceeds or limits money available in the account.

A utilization can be useful in emergencies, but it is expensive for two high jurors. To avoid specifying a special check, it is recommended that an emergency reserve be established to suppress situations of economic attachment.

Credit card

The credit card is a modality that allows or pays for payment in sight, in two cases, in the case of sworn accruals. However, this option may be a real complication for people who do not know how to manage finance. Also, when the credit card is delayed or paid partially, I swear to you very high and may become a difficult circumstance to move.

For this reason, the use of this format must be supported in a coercive manner.

That is, if a person has control over the finances and understands that the credit card is not extended, it can be beneficial, because:

  • We have a fixed date to pay every month;
  • Benefits through the correct use of card, as you put them (used in travel, purchases etc.);
  • Possibility to parcel purchases and last period of time to remove the debit.

That is, or good use of the credit card, I can even help you save. Already that allows tracking two expenses in the palm of the hand and anytime.

Personal loan

Personal loan

This mode or also staff noted the installment sales credit focused is just for physical person (PF). One of the differences versus other types of credit, in order to request or borrow money, it is not necessary to alienate a good or offer guarantees for or payment. Because it is a good option for general public access or credit for high cost rate.

Therefore, it should only be requested in emergencies, in which there is no possibility of obtaining a loan which has a lower value of jurors.

Vehicle Financing

Or vehicle financing, also condemned as leasing and a type of credit turned over so that you want to buy a car immediately. Or what a cost to be two superior consumers are two Brazilians.

However, it is not necessary to be endorsed in accordance with the economic context of which you wish to acquire your car. Since beyond two costs of financing, there will be other additional expenses, such as: fuel, maintenance, IPVA and the like.

Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

In contrast to the fact that it has been established for years, there is a movement that follows or in the path of tax financing. This is because it is a type of credit that commits to budget for long term and that is not fulfilled the payments, there is or real cliff of property loss. And so the financing of vehicles, financing house requires additional expenses, for example: property tax, renovations and the like. In some situations, some apartment or house may be more advantageous to finance.

Of course, it is necessary to be attentive to this credit option and to accept the most valid option at the moment. For more women like this, subscribe to our newsletter not WhatsApp and receive even more free content!