Small subsidized loans for state employees 2019.

If you are a state employee and you need a personal loan in this article we will talk about the many lenders that offer, especially in this period, good offers regarding loans for this category of workers whose employment contract is managed by the Social institute or other social security institutions.

Low Interest Bank and Cream Bank for state employees

Low Interest Bank and Bnl for state employees

We start talking about the Low Interest Bank loan, this loan is reserved for state employees and allows you to receive up to 75,000 USD from having to reimburse the bank through the comfortable and small installments over a period that can range from 2 to 10 years.

There is no justification for spending in fact to request the sum it is not necessary to provide the purpose. This loan is also associated with a convenient insurance policy which intervenes in the event of a job being lost. The remaining balance Bank Salary Power provides for the possibility of receiving a loan covering the maximum amount of 104 thousand USD to be repaid in 120 months.

In order to obtain this product, the bank does not require any additional guarantees other than directly debiting the salary. The monthly repayment installment is calculated on the fixed interest rate and as in the assignment of the fifth, it will never exceed one fifth of the applicant’s salary.

Three quick loans: Cream Bank, Good Finance and Best Bank

Three quick loans: Unicredit, Directafin and Findomestic

The remaining balance for civil servants of the Cream Bank banking group is practically a transfer of one fifth of the salary with a maximum amount that can be requested for a good 69 thousand USD to be returned to the bank in a period of time not exceeding 120 months.

The rate is fixed and the credit is disbursed very quickly. Good Finance offers state employees a loan of up to 80 thousand USD which we can define as zero expenses as no preliminary, opening and management expenses are applied. Another essential feature of this service is that the signature of a guarantor is not required to obtain the credit and you can receive the loan even for liquidity.

The famous financial group Best Bank proposes the financing called “your projects” which has a very convenient taeg that is about 9%. The financing thanks to the digital signature can be requested online and is repaid in convenient monthly installments with a fixed interest rate.

The offers of the Social institute

The offers of the INPS

The Social institute institute also offers the possibility for all state employees in need of liquidity to be able to obtain financing on very favorable terms. They are not large numbers, in fact they are small loans that are benefited according to the needs of the applicant but that can be very useful in the event of a financial emergency.

Among the numerous advantages of these Social institute loans there are the ways of disbursing money which are very advantageous compared to traditional loans but one of the main disadvantages is that many times to obtain such loans the waiting times can be extremely long and this can represent a great obstacle especially in the case of immediate need.

If you need more information just visit the official website of the Social institute, send an email, call or go to the office closest to your home. Now let’s see what documents to submit to apply for a loan for a state employee. The basic documentation to be submitted consists of an identity document, the tax code, the last paycheck received, the last cud received and finally the bank account statement.

Finally, it must be specified that the number of documents that the bank or financial company can request changes from customer to customer based on numerous personal factors. For example, el case there are agreements with the workplace maybe the documents to bring are less while if the citizen is not Italian there is a need to present a possible residence permit.