Prepaid Credit Card: How Does It Work?

For which you want to control the expenses of education finance, opt for pre-paid credit card and an alternative. Why, I need to understand how it works. The prepaid credit card is indicated so that you do not want to open a bank account or verify income. It is common for him to be confused as a debit card. In the meantime, or prepaid credit card has a limit of agreement as or added value added.


Types of pre-paid card

Types of pre-paid card

There are two existing types: the national and international card. As is national, of course, it is only possible to buy from sites in Brazil. In addition, the currency used to carry or must be real card. Already with the international prepaid credit card, the purchases can be international sites and establishments. Also, it can be loaded with any type of currency.

That kind of great card to burn you want to control your expenses in travels. Thus it is to deposit a desired value or value and that will be or its automatic limit.


How it works or prepaid credit card

prepaid credit card

This type of carton does not need a linked account. Of course, to use it, it is only possible to place credits. An example of a card that works on the road used or not public transport.

In order to make a credit or prepaid credit card, you only need to pay by way of payment, which may be for:

  • Bank deposit;
  • Ticket;
  • Debit online.

In the meantime, check out the compensation term. In deposits or value it may take around 1 hour to be validated not card. No payment via ticket or waiting time can swallow within 48 hours. The difference of prepaid card is the possibility of being used in establishments and sites like traditional card.

Therefore, it should be noted that no parcel is a pre-paid credit card. This is because there is no guarantee that the value of the plot will be deposited not all card. Different from traditional, or pre-paid, no renewal, generally, used and discarded.

Among the advantages of having a prepaid card, there are:

  • Do not depend on credit analysis;
  • Buy on sites that barely credit credit cards;
  • Use delivery and transport applications;
  • No payment of juries.


What are the prepaid credit card cartoons

credit card

All services are collected at some time. For this reason, it is not different as a pre-paid card.

Membership fee: Before making the issue it is necessary to pay the fee for the production of the card.

Per Ticket Fee: In some companies, it is carried out by a hair payment via ticket. In the meantime, there are other ways to carry out your cart need to pay a fee.

Charging by new way: in the case of card theft or loss, it is necessary to request a second route. In that case, some companies charge for this type of service.

There are several institutions responsible for issuing these types of cards. For this reason, try to offer best benefits and conditions for you. Or prepaid credit card has various benefits. In the meantime, it is necessary to analyze its characteristics that are of interest for its type of use. Do you want more content? Join our founder’s letter with daily insights!