Documents for a consolidation loan

In order to efficiently carry out the process of consolidating customer commitments, it is worth thinking ahead of time what will be needed. What income confirmation, what document confirming the closed obligations. Smart customer assistance will help, thanks to credit consolidation, reduce the installment by up to 50% compared to the one currently paid.

Banks periodically offer numerous promotions for consolidation loans. A good adviser or credit broker is always up to date with the best offers and the lowest APRC.

Banks are able to consolidate all customer liabilities visible in the Credit Information Bureau, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Cash loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Account limits
  • Debits
  • Working capital loans
  • Revolving loans

If there are no liabilities in BIK, you can always choose free cash for consolidation. Then the client himself closes his remaining liabilities like loans, debts with family or private lenders.

Borrower’s data for the consolidation loan


The basic document enabling the consolidation offer to be obtained is the client’s ID card. Only customers with a confirmed identity can obtain a loan offer using data such as personal identification number, series and ID number. The passport can also be a document confirming customer data. To complete the application, you will also need information such as the client’s mother’s maiden name, telephone number or marital status.

Documenting income to a consolidation loan

Documenting income to a consolidation loan

Generally, the bank needs from us one of two income documents, the last three transfers from the employer or a salary certificate. In exceptional cases, the bank may ask for a comprehensive statement of the customer’s account history or confirmation of payment of social security contributions. By turning to competent credit advisors, e.g. Travis McGee, we will save ourselves time and running documents. Advisors guarantee obtaining a loan from a minimum of documents.

In the case of old-age and disability pensioners, such a document is the last transfer of benefits, the last valorization document or a postman’s strap.

Banks require KPiR or PIT for business operations. Here, however, everything depends on the level of the offer and the bank’s approach. Here you will need to contact a professional intermediary in company loans. The specialist will help you get the cheapest loan possible with a minimum of documents.

Confirmation of consolidated commitments to the consolidation loan

Confirmation of consolidated commitments to the consolidation loan

To prove to the bank that we want to close our loans and credits, we must provide specific documents confirming this fact. We can distinguish:

Consolidated liability loan agreement

Document most often requested by banks. It contains all the detailed information such as the loan agreement number, the date of conclusion or the invoice number. Is the most reliable document. When consolidating, for example, 10 liabilities from the non-banking sector, this is a somewhat burdensome way of documentation. Online loans, lost contracts are often the case with customers.

Schedule of the consolidated liability.

The delivery of the schedule is also a very reliable confirmation for the bank, it contains the loan number, the date of conclusion and the bill to pay the liability.

Last confirmation of payment of the installment of the consolidated liability.

Delivery of the generated transfer, last loan payment. Such a document also contains the account number to be repaid or the loan number. A very simple and quick way to document your commitments for consolidation, especially for customers using online banking.

Consolidation Statement.

Consolidation Statement.

Document used by selected banks, usually in consolidation amounts not exceeding $ 50,000. The customer indicates the account number to close his commitment. The bank does not require any binding documents from him. The simplest form, the least burdensome for customers. Very often used in the case of credit brokers, e.g. in Travis McGee

A consolidation loan based on a statement, is it possible?

Banks also offer a simplified procedure, albeit for correspondingly low amounts. Consolidation loans based on income statement are products with a limited number of formalities. Loans without client’s income documents, usually banks in this form borrow up to $ 30,000.